5 Reasons You Need An Arborist

An arborist is an authority on what trees like and don’t like, but how to help your trees live a long, healthy life is most important. In the craft of looking after trees and shrubs, an arborist is educated. This specialist talent involves not only pruning and removal of trees, but also an in-depth understanding of tree structures and their relationship with the environment around them.

Arborists have certification on tree care from american Society of Consulting Arborists and international society of arboriculture. They have been trained and educated to adhere to search tree care standards for the well-being of the trees and nature.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Might Need Arborist In Your Property While Taking Care Of Your Trees

To Take Care Of The Health And Well-Being Of The Tree

If you are planning to remove a tree because they are posing a threat to your property or becoming an obstruction it is best to consult arborists first. Arborists provides you with alternative solutions so you do not have to remove the trees simply made alterations. This way you’re not only saving the tree but saving the environment as well. If you are planning to trim prune a tree arborists will be able to help you with the amount of pruning and trimming to avoid any damage to the tree. Many homeowners go overboard with trimming and pruning and end up causing more harm than good.

They Help You Determine The Best Course Of Action For Damaged Trees

If you have trees in your area that are damaged from a storm it is best to call an arborist to consult them on safe tree removal. They have a knowledge on how to safely felled trees so it doesn’t damage property or hurt someone in the surrounding. Since arborists have an extensive knowledge on tree biology as well as physiology they know how a tree might fall on the ground in which direction and end with what force. They can determine all the dangers that the tree might cause while cutting it down. If it is a big tree it becomes even more important that you have an arborist for consultation.

They Can Help You With Tree Protection Advice

Some trees are protected by the government because of their exotic nature. Those trees either cannot be removed or should be replanted in a different location if you do plan to remove it. Arborists can help you determine if the tree is protected by the government and in case they are protected arborists will help you get a special permit for tree removal or tree replantation. Since arborists have experience with almost all kinds of trees they will be able to help you determine the type of tree you are removing and how to safely proceed with the removal .They can also help you determine what to do with the cut tree.

They Can Help You With Root Mapping

The roots of the trees can be dangerous since they can break concrete, pavement, foundations, pipelines, sewer lines, etc. Root mapping is a way to determine where the roots are going on in which direction they are currently present. It will help you determine the threat the pose on your property and whether to remove it or not. Arborists have proper devices and knowledge on how to map the routes on your property.

Treatment And Inspection Of Diseased Trees

A disease tree can infect other trees in the surrounding and destroy them all. Arborists have experience with all kinds of tree diseases and their treatment. They will be able to inspect all the trees and see what kind of infection on the tree has. They will provide you advice on if there is any treatment for the disease or the tree needs to be removed for the safety of the other trees.

Trees are an essential part of a property and keeping them healthy is our main goal. In fact arborists want the same. They have the experience and knowledge on tree care. They will not advise you on anything that can rewa netri unnecessarily. With effective pest and infestation treatment you will be able to save your disease without having to remove them.

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