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Central Arborist are experts in removing stumps after the removal of trees. Tree removal is difficult but removing the stump is a different kind of devil.

Not all tree removal companies will give you stump removal services. Stump removal needs proper equipment that not every company has. Stumps are a pretty difficult part of the tree, the roots go way deep into the ground and take hold of it. That is why professionals who know how to remove the stump can only do this work. There are two types of stump removal we perform. We will remove the stump from the root, by digging out the roots. If you don’t want any digging and ground invasion, it is best to use grinding stump methods. At Central Arborist we do both. We have heavy-duty grinders that will grind down the stump to the ground and make the land flat for use. In case you need the ground of any kind of construction, we suggest stump removal from the root.

Why Should You Remove The Stump From Your Property:

Stumps Are Obstructive

If the stump is coming in the way of renovation or construction, it might need removal. Many trees are cut to get the land for the installation of parking lots, driveways, pavements, etc. If the stump is not removed you won’t be able to start the construction. We will safely remove the stump from the roots so you can access the ground for any use you might need it for. They also come in the way of mowing the lawn or landscaping.

Stumps Look Ugly

Stumps are not the most aesthetic thing in your yard. They stand out like a sore thumb in a well-organized yard. They usually invite pest invasion, sap, wind grass around it, and its absolute nightmares for gardeners.

Stumps Serve No Purpose

Stumps have no purpose in your yard. They don’t increase aesthetics, don’t give shape, don’t give fruits or any other kind of things to your property. It is best to remove the stump and use the space for some other purpose.

Stumps Are Dangerous

Stumps are not safe at all. The roots of the stump can destroy pipelines and the sewer line by cracking or crushing it. Removing the stump from the roots is the best way to take care of the issue, however, grinding the stump will also prevent the stump roots from growing any further. Stumps are also dangerous for kids playing in your yard. They might stump on the stump while running around and seriously injure themselves.

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Why Choose Us?

We have all the necessary equipment to remove the stump from your property. We can do the work quickly, no matter how tricky the place of the stump is, we can remove it. We have highly trained professionals who know how to handle heavy-duty machines with ease. We are insured and bonded by the state government. You can be assured you are getting the best possible services when you hire us.


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