Camp Hill Tree Service

Tree Service In Camp Hill

Trees are living organisms. And like all living organisms, they grow, change and eventually die. If you have a tree in need of attention, our tree service in Camp Hill is here to help. We will come and give you a free estimate and take care of your trees like they were our very own.

Tree Trimming In Camp Hill

If you are concerned about the extent and growth of a tree on your property in Camp Hill, it is best to let the professionals evaluate its needs. We can trim off a little or a lot, depending on environmental circumstances and the area surrounding the tree. Sometimes trees need trimming to train them into a specific shape; sometimes they need trimming to contain excessive growth. And sometimes trees need trimming because their growing pattern has created a potential hazard for your home or a neighbor’s home or property.

Injury from severe summer storms, winter ice build-up or just normal growth are all reasons to have your trees trimmed. We will send our arborist out to evaluate the condition of your tree and recommend the extent of trimming needed to keep it healthy and protect your home, family, and neighbors.

Tree Removal In Camp Hill

Unfortunately, all trees eventually reach the end of their lifespan and start to die. During this period, the tree is vulnerable to becoming uprooted in a storm or falling down of its own accord. The time to remove a dying tree is before it falls over and potentially causes damage to property or even loss of life.

A professional arborist in Camp Hill can evaluate the structural integrity of an injured or dying tree and recommend either trimming or removal. No one likes to lose a tree that shades their home and helps keep it cooler in summer. However, leaving a diseased, injured or dying tree in place is an invitation to disaster. It can fall on the roof of your house, causing massive damage. Or it can fall on your neighbor’s house, causing massive damage and potential bad blood between neighbors.

Although we prefer not to remove trees unless absolutely necessary, we will recommend removal if our arborist determines that its potential for remaining upright is compromised.

Tree Pruning In Camp Hill

Pruning is different from trimming in that it is usually done for aesthetic or other non-essential purposes. Maybe you want a little more sun in your yard for a garden. Or maybe you just like the compact look of a tree whose growth is vastly changing its profile in your yard. We will come out and prune your specimen or shade trees to the shape and size that suits the needs of your property and lifestyle.

Camp Hill Stump Removal

A tree stump languishing in your yard can be an eyesore. It can also reduce the usable area of your lawn. It’s hard to mow around them and also hard to get grass to grow near them. Another undesirable effect of tree stumps is they sometimes harbor disease or the growth of mushrooms nearby.

If you have a tree stump in your yard, whether it is from a tree you had removed or it was there when you moved in, our tree service in Camp Hill can pulverize and remove that stump for you.

If you’re located in Camp Hill, contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for all of your tree trimming, removal or pruning needs in the Camp Hill area. We’ll also remove those pesky stumps taking up space in your lawn. Our technicians and professionals will work with you to find the most cost-effective, least invasive way to get your trees into prime health and eye-pleasing shape.